[Parents crying on TV]Was active in communityHad problems making friendsDid well in schoolQuiet/soft spoken
Mentally ill / SickGunman / ShooterMistreatedHad a bright futureHad a dog
Friendly and/or sociableHad no previous recordWHITE PRIVILEGE
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Loved pizzaTroubled
[Photo of terrorist as 5 year old]Had non-white friendsMisunderstoodSmartReally, really was a good kid
Was a good kid[Interviews of people the terrist knows]LonerJust a child / kidEnjoyed ____
Friendly and/or sociableLoner[Photo of terrorist as 5 year old]Mentally ill / SickHad a bright future
Enjoyed ____Quiet/soft spokenLoved pizzaDid well in schoolHad problems making friends
Loved comediesReally, really was a good kidWHITE PRIVILEGE
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Gunman / ShooterHad a dog
MisunderstoodWas a good kidHad non-white friendsWas active in community[Parents crying on TV]
MistreatedJust a child / kid[Interviews of people the terrist knows]SmartHad no previous record
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