All Clear / Nothing to ReportUniformCall the PoliceTwo-way RadioDirection of Travel
TrespassingAssault [and Battery]Patrol Pattern(s)Citizen’s ArrestOfficer Safety
Personal Protective Measure(s)Courtesy PatrolSECURITY OFFICERS TERMINOLOGY BINGO
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Daily Activity Report (DAR)(5 Steps of) Loss Prevention
Post OrdersIncident [Report]InterviewProbable CauseKeep It Simply Stupid (KISS) method
DepositionPrivate PropertyFactual / Fact Based ReportsWitness [or] Victim Statement3-Cs approach (Clear, Concise and Complete)
Exterior / Perimeter PatrolArrest and Detain5-Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How)Flashlight“If it’s not written down, then it didn’t happen.”
UniformDirection of TravelWitness [or] Victim StatementStop / Halt / Wait a minuteGuard Card
Internal / External CommunicationIncident [Report]SECURITY OFFICERS TERMINOLOGY BINGO
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[Escalation of] Force Level(s)Vehicle Patrol
Counter-TerrorismMisdemeanor crimeCourtesy PatrolInterviewPersonal Protective Measure(s)
3-Cs approach (Clear, Concise and Complete)Situational AwarenessTrespassingDepositionCommand Presence

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