QualityBreathtakingGame ChangerLittle Goes A Long WayArtisan
Show StoppingStocks are Rapidly DepletingIconicAstonishingOh My Goodness!
Less Than 1/2 the Stock RemainingThe Great RevealQVC
(free square)
How Clever/Cleverly Done!Mix and Match
This is my Favourite!Proving Very PopularYou Are Loving the TSVI Love My PinksGorgeous
It's Busy Out There!Incredible!PhenominalAbsolutely!Matchy Matchy
Throw OnFlying Out The DoorThe Great RevealI'm not Kiddin YouFashion Forward
On PointClick It ThroughExclusive to QVCOn TrendHow Clever/Cleverly Done!
(free square)
Heavenly‘Go To’
‘The Girls’Mix and MatchRemarkableTo Die forIncredible!
Show StoppingI Need You on QCutGorgeousThis is my Favourite!Breathtaking

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