LOUDAUTO: Audio-based RF retro-reflector listening device.GINSU: PCI bus device that can inject malware at boot-up.TOTEGHOSTLY: Full remote control of Window Mobile phones.BULLDOZER: Hidden wireless bridge for remote control.LIFESAFER: Imaging of the Hard Drive.
FEEDTHROUGH: Software that penetrates Juniper Networks firewalls.ECHELON: Interception and content inspection of communications.HIGHLANDS: Collection from Implants.FIREWALK: Fake RJ45 socket that allows monitoring via RF.OCEAN: Optical Collection System for Computer Screens.
MINERALIZE: Collection from LAN Implant.HEADWATER: A firmware backdoor into Huawai routers.NSA CAPABILITIES BINGO
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SPARROW II: Detecting and mapping wireless networks via drone.COTTONMOUTH: A USB plug for communications intercept.
DROPOUTJEEP: Software implant for the Apple iPhone.SOMBERKNAVE: A Windows XP implant for remote control.PICASSO: Software that collects mobile phone data, audio.JETPLOW: A firmware backdoor for Cisco firewalls.GOURMETTHROUGH: Implant for Juniper Networks firewalls.
DIETYBOUNCE: Dell BIOS backdoor.GOPHERSET: Controls phone remotely via SIM card.CANDYGRAM: Mimics a cellphone tower.DEWSWEEPER: USB wireless Bridge into target network.WATERWITCH: Tool for finding the exact location of nearby handsets.

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