Has a dark past he's trying to escapeMaintains perfect stubble without shavingFramed for a crime he didn't commitSurvives a fall from a great heightMocks a man's sexuality
Says something in a gruff voiceDoes something insignificant in slow motionTakes a punch and spits bloodWalks calmly from an explosionGrowls
Takes on an entire army and wins with his fistsWears a suit to a fightJASON STATHAM CLICHE BINGO
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Survives an epic car crashTakes a kick and spits blood
Knocks someone out with one punchGlares at an ethnic minorityDies then comes back to lifeHolds a gun sidewaysWorks out but not in a gym
Hits a woman then kisses herDrives a car aggressivelyHas a suspect accentTakes off his shirtIs an outcast

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