Stripper DanceDog CollarIllegible Death Metal LogoBlatant FlirtingDrawn On Eyebrows
More Skin Than OutfitGogglesGask MaskElectrical Taped NipplesHot, Regardless Of Gender
Velvet JacketDoc MartensGOTH CLUB BINGO
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Crow Face PaintLooks Good In Rubber
Multicoloured HairMisfits T-ShirtLoudly Talking About The InternetA DJReluctant Non-Goth Friend
Chemically EnhancedBig Girl, Bigger DressGarter/GarterbeltRosaryCute Couple
Sunglasses At NightDoc MartensLoudly Talking About The InternetBig Girl, Bigger DressDrawn On Eyebrows
Chemically EnhancedRosaryGarter/GarterbeltCute CoupleHot, Regardless Of Gender
Visitor From The FutureIllegible Death Metal LogoGOTH CLUB BINGO
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Dog CollarMulticoloured Hair
Misfits T-ShirtWedding / Prom DressBlatant FlirtingCrow Face PaintVelvet Jacket
Looks Good In RubberElectrical Taped NipplesWriting Poetry / SketchingDancing Like A Crazy PersonMore Skin Than Outfit

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