'Sexism is so over.'"gentlemen"'I suffered gender-based violence but #NotAllMen!'Poland'I am the exception to the rule!'
'Worse Probs In The World''I don't see gender.'Self-blame'Feminists are ugly.''Drunk sluts deserve rape. This is responsibility!'
'I'm not sexist against men.'Selfie with elaborate makeupWOMEN AGAINST FEMINISM BINGO
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Straight-up denialFeminists = Hipsters
EvolutionMiddle-class white women'I feel entitled to compliments.'My young relative! (male)Wage gap = choice
"ladies""slut/s"#TrueWomenMy young relative! (female)'This one time I talked to a feminist and it was bad.'
'The kitchen is fun!'Anti-Muslim'My virginity = my worth!'Straight-up denial'Street harassment is compliments.'
Poland'I don't like it when my opinions are criticized.'"slut/s"Bashing clicktivism while on the interwebzEvolution
My young relative! (male)'I don't see gender.'WOMEN AGAINST FEMINISM BINGO
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Denigration of female or feminine characteristicsEquality portrayed as antithetical to feminism
Middle-class white women'I'm not sexist against men.'Brazil#TrueWomen'Stop advocating for me!'
'Drunk sluts deserve rape. This is responsibility!''I am NOT a victim!''I want to be judged by my work.'Total non-sequitur'Feminists are ugly.'