Mimi's AccentMorbidda DestinyMary Anne's braidsClaudia has her own phone lineClaudia's Junk Food Addiction
Mary Anne's dad is strictStacey has DiabetesKristy/Mary Anne are BFFSClaudia's ArtWatson's a millionaire
Stacey is from NYCClaudia/Stacey are BFFSTHE BABY-SITTERS CLUB BINGO (BOOKS 1-4) BINGO
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Claudia's flawless skinKaren's imagination
MWF at 5:30Kristy has three brothersA club member yells at a club memberMary Anne wants to live in NYCKristy is a control freak
BSC was Kristy's ideaJamie Newton"Cool" accessories--ClaudiaMassive Pike broodJanine is a Genius
Claudia's flawless skinBSC was Kristy's ideaJamie NewtonClaudia has her own phone lineJanine is a Genius
Claudia/Stacey are BFFSMimi's AccentClaudia's Junk Food AddictionKristy has three brothersMary Anne's dad is strict
Kristy is a control freak"Cool" accessories--StaceyTHE BABY-SITTERS CLUB BINGO (BOOKS 1-4) BINGO
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Karen's imaginationStacey is from NYC
Massive Pike broodClaudia's ArtMary Anne's braidsMorbidda DestinyMary Anne wants to live in NYC
"Cool" accessories--ClaudiaKristy/Mary Anne are BFFSA club member yells at a club memberMWF at 5:30Watson's a millionaire