Made into a movieAbout religionThat you want to read because of the coverMysteryPasses the Bechtel-Wallace test
Set in a place you'd like to know more aboutOriginally published posthumouslyStory within a storySet in a different seasonSet in a country you've never visited
ThrillerOutside your comfort zoneANY BOOK
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Speculative fictionTranslation
Best-sellerAbout a person with a disabilityNon-fictionAbout a homecomingWith an unreliable narrator
Collection of essaysBacklist from an author on your current year favorites listWith recipes, patterns or puzzlesPrize winnerWith more than one author listed on the cover
More than 500 pagesPart of a seriesThrillerMonth or day of the week in the titleOriginally published in the 21st century
Originally published this yearSub-title on the coverSet in more than one time periodAudiobook narrated by the authorWritten in the first person
One-word titleBacklist from an author on your current year favorites listANY BOOK
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An author with a disabilityRecommended by a friend
Banned in the USTold from more than two different points of viewCollection of essaysAbout art/artist(s)Wanted to read for more than a year
Already ownOriginally published within five years of the year you were bornRecommended by another Book Bingo playerOutside your comfort zoneEpistolary