About natureRecommended by a family memberOriginally published in the 19th centurySet in a different seasonMore than 500 pages
With an unreliable narratorAlready ownThat you think will make you a better personSet in a different countryMade into a movie
ThrillerSet in more than one time periodANY BOOK
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Set in a country you've never visitedClassic
Biography of a royalOutside your comfort zoneSpeculative fictionRecommended by another Book Bingo playerDebut
Prize-winning author (but not a prize-winner)Passes the Bechtel-Wallace testFantasySet in a place you'd like to know more aboutMemoir or autobiography
RomanceWritten under a pseudonymNumber in the titlePrize-winning author (but not a prize-winner)Outside your comfort zone
Collection of poetrySpeculative fictionSet in more than one time periodSeen on Gilmore GirlsDebut
Backlist from an author you read for another squareThat you want to read because of the coverANY BOOK
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Written in the first personTitle that's a character's name
Latest book by an author you loveCollection of short storiesRetellingBiography of a royalOriginally published in the 19th century
BorrowedMemoir or autobiographyProtagonist with a different ethnicity from your ownMagical realismAn author with a disability