On loan to researcher for past 25 yearsMuseum wants copyright on any photos you takeFossil on exhibit covered in layer of dustScary-looking latex mold of specimen in drawerMuseum staff wants co-authorship on any paper you publish
On loan to researcher who has been deceased for 25 yearsFossils available when you schedule your visit, suddenly unavailable when you arriveArchival beer flat holding specimenFossil suddenly inaccessible when they find out who your collaborators areFossil repaired with Elmer's glue
Accidentally locked out of collection after going to the restroomGel capsule congealed around microfossilMUSEUM COLLECTION VISIT BINGO
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Theropod bone misidentified as fish cranial elementPlaster panel mount
Specimen in pieces on bottom of specimen tray because it was glued with archival consolidantsFossil in curator's officePart of holotype still unpreparedIn display case and inaccessible until they find out who your graduate advisor wasFossil located in collection only after they find out who your graduate advisor was
Plaster obscures important anatomyLocality data covers a three-state areaCaught singing in a loud voice when you thought you were aloneAccidentally break a holotypeFossil not in collection, no loan tag