Museum Collection Visit Bingo!

How to play:

Visit Museum Collection Visit Bingo and print one copy of this game card for each player, refreshing the page before each print, or have the players print their own bingo cards. These instructions will not be printed. You can also select an embeddable card only version of the game or a multiple card version of the game when playing on line, or with a smart phone.

Click/Mark each block when you see or hear these words and phrases. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and shout "NATURE PAPER!!!". Or play as a drinking game and for every block you mark off, take a sip, and finish your drink each time you get five blocks in a row.

Radioactive fossilFossil in curator's officeSpecimen inaccessible because forklift has broken downScary-looking latex mold of specimen in drawerFossil not in collection, no loan tag
Plaster panel mountFossil repaired with Elmer's glueHolotype on loanFossil located in collection only after they find out who your graduate advisor wasTray of paratypes
#!*%$ ichnotypeTheropod bone misidentified as fish cranial elementMUSEUM COLLECTION VISIT BINGO
(free square)
Specimen in pieces on bottom of specimen tray because it was glued with archival consolidantsFish cranial element misidentified as theropod bone
On loan to researcher who has been deceased for 25 yearsPlaster obscures important anatomyFossil on exhibit covered in layer of dustMuseum staff wants co-authorship on any paper you publishOverprepped fossil
Tray of non-diagnostic bone shards lovingly numbered and cradled in archival foamUncatalogued materialAccidentally locked out of collection after going to the restroomFossil suddenly inaccessible when they find out who your collaborators areFossils available when you schedule your visit, suddenly unavailable when you arrive