Not Particularly Clever Meme ResponseNew York Made Him CrazyWhat About (Other Random Racist Artist)If He Had Lived Longer or Was Alive Today...I'm Not Racist But...
He Was Raised That WayEverybody's Racist"You People"EugenicsBut He Married a Jew!
You Obviously Don't Like Him So Shut Up AlreadyIt's Not a Big Part of his WorkLOVECRAFT APOLOGIST BINGO
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So What?Political Correctness
I'm ____ & I Don't Have a Problem With Him"Censorship"His Views Softened Over TimeYou're Racist for Bringing It UpHe Wasn't *That* Racist
But St. Joshi says...Beating a Dead HorseMan of His TimeSocial Justice Warriors &/or Thought PoliceHe's Dead So It Doesn't Matter