Dreamland Comedy Bingo!

How to play:

Visit Dreamland Comedy Bingo and print one copy of this game card for each player, refreshing the page before each print, or have the players print their own bingo cards. These instructions will not be printed. You can also select an embeddable card only version of the game or a multiple card version of the game when playing on line, or with a smart phone.

Click/Mark each block when you see or hear these words and phrases. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and shout "BIRKER!!!". Or play as a drinking game and for every block you mark off, take a sip, and finish your drink each time you get five blocks in a row.

Unlustiger InsiderUnlustiger InsiderTiming verkacktMorschek wird erwähntDreamland-Anspielung
Peinliches HörspielgenerdeUngewollte DoppeldeutigkeitSteinbrecher-MuckeAktuelle AnspielungGruselserie-Anspielung
Vierte Wand durchbrechenGelungener GagDREAMLAND COMEDY BINGO
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Mieser SprecherPeinliches Hörspielgenerde
Shitty nameRiemiger PanczakIch weiß nicht, was ich hier leseGab's kein Lektorat?Birkers Besetzungscouch
Gab's kein Lektorat?Zickige DraegerinShitty nameErzählerin fällt aus der RolleFauler Steinbrecher