Someone forgets a part of his or her uniformCatch Dr. Sosnowchik "scatting" on videoIdentify a random OU fanComplete the CMB Word SearchSet your alarm for Saturday morning
Throw a paper airplaneWear an Omnihotel robeTurn on the TV in your bathroom mirrorFind the words "Don't Mess With Texas"Someone poops on the bus
Mock a snare drummer for playing when he or she shouldn't beConnect to Village Tours WiFiBOARD BUSES
(free square)
High five a person who brought a Bullet Pillow PetApplaud someone for being late
Dance with a baritonistEat a sandwich mealWear your shirt like a capeSomeone leaves smelly trash on the busUse the stairs at the hotel
Play "Fanfare Short"Take your hat off for the Pom SquadComplete the CMB Crossword"One more time"Laugh at one of Dr. Henderson's jokes