"One more time"Eat a sandwich mealIdentify a random OU fanWear an Omnihotel robeShake hands with an OSU fan
Turn on the TV in your bathroom mirrorSomeone forgets a part of his or her uniformThrow a paper airplaneSet your alarm for Saturday morningUse the stairs at the hotel
Complete the CMB CrosswordSing "Spain"BOARD BUSES
(free square)
Find the words "Don't Mess With Texas"Make a Pokemon pun
Connect to Village Tours WiFiDance with a baritonistTake your hat off for the Pom SquadMock a snare drummer for playing when he or she shouldn't beHigh five a person who brought a Bullet Pillow Pet
Catch Dr. Sosnowchik "scatting" on videoApplaud someone for being lateWear your shirt like a capeLaugh at one of Dr. Henderson's jokesSomeone poops on the bus

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