Sing "Spain"Complete the CMB CrosswordTurn on the TV in your bathroom mirrorIdentify a random OU fanPlay "Fanfare Short"
Connect to Village Tours WiFiSet your alarm for Saturday morningCatch Dr. Sosnowchik "scatting" on videoWear your shirt like a capeSomeone poops on the bus
Complete the CMB Word SearchUse the stairs at the hotelBOARD BUSES
(free square)
Make a Pokemon punThrow a paper airplane
Find the words "Don't Mess With Texas"Applaud someone for being lateShake hands with an OSU fanHigh five a person who brought a Bullet Pillow PetWear an Omnihotel robe
Mock a snare drummer for playing when he or she shouldn't beSomeone leaves smelly trash on the busTake your hat off for the Pom SquadEat a sandwich mealLaugh at one of Dr. Henderson's jokes