Thriller/SuspenseFantasyWith time travelWith an animal on the coverPoetry collection
With a number in the titleBiography or memoirCozy Mystery10 short storiesBy an author of a different culture
Science FictionA novellaBOTNS BOOK BINGO
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That you saw someone else readingSet in the place where you live
By an author who shares your first nameWith a one-word titleThat “everSet in another countryCurrently on the bestseller list
Longer than 500 pagesMiddle-grade book (ages 8-12)By a small pressWith a red coverRecommended by a family member
Science FictionBy an author of a different cultureWith only words on the coverPoetry collectionBy a small press
With a child on the coverThat you chose because of the coverPart of a seriesTranslationMiddle-grade book (ages 8-12)
By an author who shares your first nameA novellaBOTNS BOOK BINGO
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Borrowed from the libraryAn audiobook
With a red coverThat you saw someone else readingA playWith time travelCozy Mystery
A classic that you should have read in schoolThat you started but never finishedThriller/SuspenseSix words or more in the titleNonfiction