An audiobookBiography or memoirCurrently on the bestseller listBy any Booktopia authorA novella
Young Adult novelHistorical FictionRecommended by a librarian or booksellerSet in the place where you liveBy an author of a different culture
Graphic novelHas been on your TBR for longer than two yearsBOTNS BINGO
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Poetry collectionA play
10 short storiesRecommended by a family memberFound in a used bookstoreFantasyTranslation
A classic that you should have read in schoolBorrowed from the libraryPublished in 2014With a red coverThat ���everyone��� but you has read
With a red coverLonger than 500 pagesWith a child on the coverFound in a used bookstoreCurrently on the bestseller list
That ���everyone��� but you has readThat you started but never finishedFantasyThriller/SuspenseWith a one-word title
TranslationGraphic novelBOTNS BINGO
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Part of a seriesBy a small press
10 short storiesA playScience FictionMiddle-grade book (ages 8-12)Biography or memoir
Recommended by a librarian or booksellerRecommended by a family memberWith only words on the coverWith a number in the titleThat you think you will dislike