Thriller/SuspenseLonger than 500 pagesPart of a seriesSet in the place where you liveThat you think you will dislike
That “everyone” but you has readScience FictionA playTranslationHas been on your TBR for longer than two years
With a one-word titleYoung Adult novelBOTNS BINGO
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That you saw someone else readingSet in another country
By a small pressWith an animal on the coverWith a number in the titlePoetry collectionHistorical Fiction
A novella10 short storiesAn audiobookBy an author who shares your first nameBiography or memoir
That you saw someone else readingNonfictionBy any Booktopia authorBy an author who shares your first nameSix words or more in the title
By an author of a different cultureReread somethingBiography or memoirBy a small pressWith a one-word title
Historical FictionScience FictionBOTNS BINGO
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With a number in the titleWith a red cover
A playPart of a seriesThat “everyone” but you has readAn audiobookPoetry collection
Thriller/SuspenseRecommended in a BOTNS episodePublished in 2014Graphic novelBorrowed from the library