Complete 2 racesGet all M-disks except the Minigame & Animal species onesBathroom PA 1Get Francis's Pearls (hockey minigame) (2!)Clear the slaughterhouse
All Slaughterhouse PA 1'sPicture 3 bossesBeat the gameClear Alpha Laser mazePicture Ignis Ignifera (red fire creature)
Slaughterhouse Trolley Entrance Mecca ImpulserAlpha Section Underground Q Meca ImpulserBGE CARD BINGO
(free square)
Picture Amoeba Polypodia (Black Isle after lowered ramp)Picture Helix Rupestris (shell thing)
Complete 2 looter cavernsEnter SpaceBuy all the buyable pearlsBeat the hidden ball game 5 timesKill all 3 serpents
Picture all SapiensPicture Astracus Erectus (Walking on 2 legs insect thing)Obtain the belugaObtain all keysPerform an OOB

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