Non-fictionAbout politicsMonth or day of the week in the titleStory within a storyEpistolary
Told from more than two different points of viewOriginally published this yearSet in the state where you liveBiographyOriginally published within five years of the year you were born
Banned in the USBorrowedANY BOOK
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FantasyPrize winner
Set in a different countryRecommended by another Book Bingo playerWanted to read for more than a yearMysteryAbout nature
Collection of essaysWritten under a pseudonymDebutRomanceThat you want to read because of the cover
Biography of a US political figureEpistolaryWith a cover that matches a current WIPAbout foodProtagonist with a different gender/sexual orientation from your own
About art/artist(s)Wanted to read for more than a yearAn author who died last yearAbout religionRe-read
Collection of poetryTranslationANY BOOK
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More than 500 pagesRomance
Made into a TV seriesSpeculative fictionWritten under a pseudonymOutside your comfort zonePrize winner
An author from the state where you livePrize-winning author (but not a prize-winner)Recommended by another Book Bingo playerAlready ownThriller