The Shocking RealityWould YouUntil NowWill Blow Your MindTime For A
ReactionsYou ____ WrongWill WeIt Turns OutRealized
QuestioningDoes ThisCLICK BAIT BINGO
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One Weird TrickGoosebumps
You Have No IdeaHuge ReasonSurprisingYou Need To Seebut then I saw this
What Is HappeningWowShould WePerfectIs This
You Won'tYou Think You KnowIt's OfficialOne Weird Trickbut then I saw this
You ____ WrongWatchShould WeWarningDoes This
What Is HappeningAre You ReadyCLICK BAIT BINGO
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Here Is HowCould This Be
If More People KnewPerfectWhat They're Doing ToAmazingTime For A
Believe Your EyesDare YouWowAnd Now I'm ScaredGoosebumps
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