OptimizationCenter of ExcellenceIn a NutshellUpsideE-business
Tailwind[s]Omnichannel / Cross ChannelCompellingNetwork[ing]Mindset
ProjectDue dilligenceBUZZWORD BINGO
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RobustTotal Quality [or] Quality Driven
Open SourceMonoplyStrategyReinvent[ing] the wheelSeamless
PatentControl GroupHardballTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)Innovation / Innovated
PipelineMind ShareUp to speedKey Factor / WordsE-tailers
Up-SellNon-Traditional ManagementLean InGoogle JuiceSearch Engine Optimization
CompetitivePopupBUZZWORD BINGO
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Herding CatsRoad mapMission CriticalExpectationsAgnostic
PortalAction Item / Action ItRed FlagTop Of The GameBack-end

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