Non-Traditional ManagementCritical Path / IssueLean InCompetitiveFocused
Core Competency / Core CompetenciesQuick winVertical MarketFirst to marketData Driven
Synergy / SynergiesEmailBUZZWORD BINGO
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Marketing / Promotional CollateralResource[s]
PortfolioGo LiveBusiness OpportunitySolution(s)One Stop Shop
Backward CompatibleCollaborate / CollaborationSoup to nuts 24/7Drop the BallOptimization
DiscoveryMission CriticalIssuesCompellingReach out
Reinvent[ing] the wheelGo PublicNon-Traditional ManagementReverse EngineerParadigm
Vision statementScenario[s]BUZZWORD BINGO
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In a NutshellE-commerce
ExposureFunctionalityStatement of Work (SOW)Policy[ies]Goal oriented
ExpectationsOn BoardLevel SetE-tailersObjectives

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