That being said / Having said thatLeadershipCustomer OrientedScenario[s]Metrics
PipelineAsset[s]Cutting EdgeCircle BackNew Economy
CapacityNo-BrainerBUZZWORD BINGO
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BenchmarkLevel Set
GreenOpportunityOpen SourceDeadlinesTransformative
RelevanceMarketing / Promotional CollateralReverse EngineerAcquisitionReach out
Big PictureCutting EdgeData DrivenHeavy liftingMoving/Going Forward
Best of BreedResource[s]Low-Hanging FruitOwnershipDrink the Kool-Aid
Out of the [Box | Loop]Circle the wagonsBUZZWORD BINGO
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Multitask[ing]ReconfigureExperiencesBusiness PlanFast Track
ExposureLaser-focusedBrain Storm / Mind ShowerAdvantageTeam Player
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