Ball ParkAgnosticSynergy / SynergiesScenario[s]Cadence Call
Best of BreedResource[s]No-BrainerLead The Field / Occupy The FieldEngage
BraindumpBack to the drawing boardBUZZWORD BINGO
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Service OrientedEnd to end
Drink the Kool-AidGreenPhaseStrategizeFast Track
Return on Investment (ROI)Laser-focusedTargetedMindsetPrototype
AgendaDeep diveSolution(s)Service OrientedGo Live
Skill set(s)Reuse / ReusabilityPersonalizationExperiencesHerding Cats
PushbackOff-lineBUZZWORD BINGO
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AggregateCircle the wagons
PhaseFast TrackObjectivesEnd to endScope
BraindumpAcquisitionBack to the drawing boardGoal orientedBandwidth
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