ExposureMetadataAction Item / Action ItBuzzSticky-ness
OpportunityControl GroupETASoup to nuts 24/7Dashboard
WorkshopBig PictureBUZZWORD BINGO
(free square)
Cross SellGame Plan
Impact[ful]Empower[ment]At the end of the dayGoal orientedCircle Back
Drop the BallE-tailersBraindumpCompellingReinvigorate
Quick winPromotionPatentAdvantageViral
Top Of The GameBrand[ing]Circle BackCutting EdgeLeadership
Back to the drawing boardAgnosticBUZZWORD BINGO
(free square)
TechnologiesConvergentReinvent[ing] the wheelOn The Same PageMarketing / Promotional Collateral
Niche[s]Open SourcePolicy[ies]Empower[ment]Engage

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