Villain has a GoateeInappropriate suit wearingGuns that don't need reloadingRuns up/down stairsRandom objects explode
Good guy sustains lots of injuries and survivesCop threatened with suspensionVietnam veteranPerson slides under closing doorMis-matched partners
Bad guy explains his plan in detail to heroHero kicks down a doorACTION MOVIE CLICHE BINGO
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Kidnapped relativeCar that doesn't start on first try
Bad guy is GermanGun out of bulletsCop eating donutsGood guy is missed by hundreds of bulletsFruit cart is knocked over
Digital clock on bombCop close to retirementSomeone declares themselves "too old for this"Ethnic minority sidekickGood guy outruns nature
Hero kicks down a doorGood guy outruns natureAnnoying character becomes heroHacks into Government filesFruit cart is knocked over
Survives big fall without parachuteNosy JournalistHero has sex at inappropriate timeCop close to retirementSomeone has an eye patch
Government official turns out to be evilCop threatened with suspensionACTION MOVIE CLICHE BINGO
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Bad guy explains his plan in detail to heroHelicopter.
Bad guy is GermanSomeone declares themselves "too old for this"Walking away from explosions and not looking backEthnic minority sidekickGood guy realizes he loves ex-wife
Good guy is missed by hundreds of bulletsGood guy beats up group of baddies one at a timeVietnam veteranVillain has a GoateeCop eating donuts

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