Sleepy JoeLiar(Biden gets muted)China Bank AccountLaw and Order
Platinum PlanUnfair / UnfairlySCOTUS / Pack the courtHoaxPutin
Ruth Bader Ginsburg / RBGMedia / Fake News!PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE #2 BINGO
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MasksAnarchy / Anarchists
Stock Market"C'mon Man!"Worst PresidentFraudBuild Back Better
Hunter / LaptopPelosiChinaRudy / BoratTremendous
Affordable Care Act / Pre-Existing ConditionSecure our BordersAntifa / Black Lives Mater / BLMJobsScranton
Guns / Second Amendment / Assult WeaponsViolenceBuild Back BetterRuth Bader Ginsburg / RBGPolice
Worst PresidentClimate Change HoaxPRESIDENTIAL DEBATE #2 BINGO
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COVID-19 / China VirusHealth Care
SCOTUS / Pack the courtFBITaxes / Tax ReturnsThe Wall(Talking over Moderator)
Stock MarketPlatinum Plan"Wrong" / "Excuse me, No"KamalaLaw and Order

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