(Talking over other candidate)FraudDACA"Let Me Finish"Tremendous
Rudy / BoratUkraineSecure our BordersTaxes / Tax Returns(Biden insults Trump)
Crime BillGuns / Second Amendment / Assult WeaponsPRESIDENTIAL DEBATE #2 BINGO
(free square)
JobsAffordable Care Act / Pre-Existing Condition
Ruth Bader Ginsburg / RBGAnarchy / AnarchistsUnfair / UnfairlyNAFTAPelosi
Health CareChinaPutinLiarDisaster
Affordable Care Act / Pre-Existing ConditionMedia / Fake News!"C'mon Man!"Ruth Bader Ginsburg / RBGFraud
EconomyGuns / Second Amendment / Assult Weapons(Talking over other candidate)Hunter / LaptopRiots
Russia / Russian(Refers To Self in 3rd Person)PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE #2 BINGO
(free square)
Obama"Here's the Deal"
(Leaves before end of debate)Climate Change HoaxChinaViolence"Let Me Finish"
COVID-19 / China VirusKamalaHealth CareSleepy JoeRudy / Borat

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