VaccineGuns / Second Amendment / Assult Weapons"Wrong" / "Excuse me, No"Ruth Bader Ginsburg / RBGRiots
"Here's the Deal"Anarchy / AnarchistsPutinDisasterUkraine
Climate Change Hoax22X,XXX Dead AmericansPRESIDENTIAL DEBATE #2 BINGO
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DACAUnfair / Unfairly
COVID-19 / China VirusAntifa / Black Lives Mater / BLMFraudBarrett(Leaves before end of debate)
Rudy / BoratTremendousViolenceJobsLaw and Order
Media / Fake News!Law and OrderFBITremendousPutin
(Refers To Self in 3rd Person)ScrantonChina Bank AccountRiggedPelosi
Climate Change Hoax(Leaves before end of debate)PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE #2 BINGO
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Antifa / Black Lives Mater / BLMHillary
"Look"ObamaUnfair / UnfairlyWorst PresidentViolence
Guns / Second Amendment / Assult WeaponsBuild Back BetterHerd Immunity"Let Me Finish"(Talking over other candidate)

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