DeportBirtherSkyrocketingMillions of new jobsTax return
Bernie SandersTax-breakSingle-Payer HealthcareSupport our troopsFBI Investigation
Trickle downKoch BrothersI'M MOVING TO CANDADA
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9/11Black Lives Matter
FraudMelaniaHeartlandEconomy of the futureExtreme
Red StateFox NewsFaith-basedDomestic terrorismImmigration Amnesty
Rigged electionExtremeNAFTAMexicansNuclear codes/Red Button
European-Style socialismBlack Lives MatterRoger AilesDeath taxFraud
Occupy MovementMake America Great AgainI'M MOVING TO CANDADA
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Domestic terrorismReign in Wall Street
Reality TVBirtherRahm EmmanuelSaul AlinskyGood manufacturing jobs
Single-Payer HealthcareEpi-penMinimum wageImmigration AmnestyObamacare
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