Lead The Field / Occupy The FieldPortfolioResource[s]DiscoveryReach out
DashboardConvergentOmnichannel / Cross ChannelConversionExpectations
MonetizePolicy[ies]BUZZWORD BINGO
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Content ManagementHigh-Level
Mission CriticalBrand[ing]SustainableLegacySkill set(s)
Business PlanFront LinesInitial AssessmentGoogle JuiceFirst to market
Up-SellTop Of The GameCritical Path / IssueCutting EdgeMission Critical
MonetizeApplication Service Provider (ASP)BuzzPortalDouble down
Road mapAggregateBUZZWORD BINGO
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Deep diveOut of the [Box | Loop]
FocusedOne Stop ShopTeam BuildingCircle the wagonsGranular
A-B TestingStrategicViralTaskedDue dilligence
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