GuidanceRun the NumbersConversationNon-Traditional ManagementVirtual / Virtualization
Empower[ment]Lead The Field / Occupy The FieldQuick winSegmentFocused
User FriendlyTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)BUZZWORD BINGO
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Omnichannel / Cross ChannelConversion
Network[ing]Target AudienceNo-BrainerElevator pitchDeploy
Circle the wagonsPhaseCascade GraphReconfigureMarketing / Promotional Collateral
DifferentiationReuse / ReusabilityRe-engagementVision statementNetwork[ing]
NegotiatedHigh-LevelHeavy liftingStrategyElephant in the room
ObjectivesFollowupBUZZWORD BINGO
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Statement of Work (SOW)Drill DownSearch Engine OptimizationCutting EdgeMarket Leader
Soup to nuts 24/7Front LinesMindsetMetadataSolution(s)
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