Containment BoomThe Environmental Impact Is Very LowOil SlickOnly 5000 Barrels A DayGulf Coast
Will Be Fixed TomorrowEverything Is FineWorking Hard To FixAlmost Nothing Has EscapedWe Are Sorry
It's A Small LeakOil Dispersants2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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We Don't Hide AnythingPlug The Hole
We Have A PlanWe Are Doing Everything To Fix ItDeepwater HorizonWe Will Pay For The DamageWe Are Collaborating
Top KillWe Don't Deserve ThisBlowout PreventerWe Concerned About PeopleContainment Dome
Only 5000 Barrels A DayOil DispersantsPlug The HoleThe Environmental Impact Is Very LowWe Are Doing Everything To Fix It
Blowout PreventerWill Be Fixed TomorrowContainment BoomWe Concerned About PeopleWe Don't Hide Anything
We Have A PlanContainment Dome2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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Top KillWe Don't Deserve This
It's A Small LeakWe Will Pay For The DamageAlmost Nothing Has EscapedGulf CoastEverything Is Fine
We Are SorryWorking Hard To FixWe Are CollaboratingOil SlickDeepwater Horizon
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