Everything Is FineAlmost Nothing Has EscapedThe Environmental Impact Is Very LowWe Are CollaboratingWe Don't Deserve This
We Don't Hide AnythingPlug The HoleGulf CoastOil SlickWe Concerned About People
We Are Doing Everything To Fix ItWe Have A Plan2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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Only 5000 Barrels A DayWe Will Pay For The Damage
Blowout PreventerIt's A Small LeakContainment DomeOil DispersantsWe Are Sorry
Will Be Fixed TomorrowTop KillContainment BoomWorking Hard To FixDeepwater Horizon
We Don't Deserve ThisThe Environmental Impact Is Very LowIt's A Small LeakWorking Hard To FixBlowout Preventer
We Are Doing Everything To Fix ItWe Are CollaboratingOnly 5000 Barrels A DayContainment BoomWe Will Pay For The Damage
Gulf CoastWe Are Sorry2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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Oil DispersantsPlug The Hole
Almost Nothing Has EscapedDeepwater HorizonTop KillOil SlickContainment Dome
We Concerned About PeopleWill Be Fixed TomorrowWe Don't Hide AnythingEverything Is FineWe Have A Plan
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