We Are SorryContainment BoomDeepwater HorizonIt's A Small LeakOil Slick
We Will Pay For The DamageWe Are Doing Everything To Fix ItWe Don't Deserve ThisPlug The HoleBlowout Preventer
Gulf CoastEverything Is Fine2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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Only 5000 Barrels A DayTop Kill
We Have A PlanWe Are CollaboratingAlmost Nothing Has EscapedThe Environmental Impact Is Very LowWorking Hard To Fix
We Concerned About PeopleOil DispersantsContainment DomeWill Be Fixed TomorrowWe Don't Hide Anything
We Are CollaboratingWill Be Fixed TomorrowDeepwater HorizonContainment DomeOnly 5000 Barrels A Day
Almost Nothing Has EscapedWe Are Doing Everything To Fix ItOil DispersantsGulf CoastContainment Boom
It's A Small LeakWe Concerned About People2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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Blowout PreventerWorking Hard To Fix
Top KillWe Have A PlanWe Are SorryWe Will Pay For The DamagePlug The Hole
Oil SlickWe Don't Deserve ThisEverything Is FineWe Don't Hide AnythingThe Environmental Impact Is Very Low
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