Everything Is FineWe Don't Deserve ThisWe Are Doing Everything To Fix ItBlowout PreventerOil Slick
Working Hard To FixWe Will Pay For The DamageWe Have A PlanWe Are SorryIt's A Small Leak
Top KillWill Be Fixed Tomorrow2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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We Concerned About PeopleContainment Dome
Almost Nothing Has EscapedDeepwater HorizonGulf CoastContainment BoomWe Are Collaborating
The Environmental Impact Is Very LowOil DispersantsPlug The HoleWe Don't Hide AnythingOnly 5000 Barrels A Day
Will Be Fixed TomorrowGulf CoastWorking Hard To FixOnly 5000 Barrels A DayWe Are Doing Everything To Fix It
Blowout PreventerEverything Is FineWe Concerned About PeopleWe Will Pay For The DamageIt's A Small Leak
Oil DispersantsWe Are Collaborating2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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We Are SorryPlug The Hole
We Have A PlanContainment DomeWe Don't Deserve ThisWe Don't Hide AnythingTop Kill
Almost Nothing Has EscapedOil SlickDeepwater HorizonContainment BoomThe Environmental Impact Is Very Low
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