SegmentPrototypeMoving/Going ForwardDouble downLean In
Skill set(s)Drill DownGrowthStrategicRed Flag
Market LeaderTotal Quality [or] Quality DrivenBUZZWORD BINGO
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Off-lineSynergy / SynergiesValueThink Outside the BoxWin-win
CompellingE-tailersMultitask[ing]PatentMission Critical
Marketing / Promotional CollateralIntegrationIssuesGrowthMilestone
Service OrientedStrategizeDashboardRobustOut Source
New EconomyBig PictureBUZZWORD BINGO
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Go to marketLead The Field / Occupy The Field
UtilizeRun the NumbersGoal[s]StrategicCustomer Centric
Vertical MarketCircle BackControl GroupBusiness OpportunityGame Plan
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